11 Days,
11 Different Actions.

From October 1 leading up to International Day of the Girl on October 11, join us and take action so that every girl, everywhere can reach her full potential. Because while we are strong, together we are stronger.

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Action of the Day
Day 1: Spread the Word
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

We need YOU to educate yourself on the challenges that face adolescent girls in developing countries. Please share the following facts to spread awareness and make a difference!

“There are 57 Million children that are not in school. More than half are girls.”
“1 in 7 girls in the developing world will be married before she turns 15.”
“Medical complications from pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death among girls ages 15-19 worldwide.”
“Globally, 600 million girls struggle to overcome poverty, inequality & violence.”

Christine has faced many challenges in her 16 years of life in Malawi, but her drive to complete her education has helped her through it all.

Christine lives in a community where tradition says that education is valuable only for males. She didn’t want to get married at age 12 or 14, like many other girls were forced to do in her community. Instead, she dreamed of going to secondary school, of even going to college. But education in Malawi is not free and no one – not her parents, relatives, or friends – supported her.

Christine did not give up. The answer to her problems came in the form of fish, and her own entrepreneurial spirit. Christine started her own fish-selling business, which paid for her secondary school fees.

When Christine refused to marry a boy in her community, he locked her in his home against her will for one week, and her parents and the community sided with him. Their marriage would increase her family’s worth, and the community thought she was ready for marriage.

No one asked Christine.

That’s when AGANET, a program that Girl Up supports, entered the picture. The organization funded the rest of Christine’s secondary education and she didn’t have to get married. Christine has since graduated with a diploma in Natural Resource Management and is continuing her education.

Christine is proof that when you give a girl support to receive an education, she’ll take on the world.

Girl Up Champion

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice knows how to help a girl up. The singer and actress has been a Girl Up Champion since the campaign launched in 2010. The former star of Nickelodeon’s television show Victorious  joined Girl Up on a trip to Guatemala. She hopped on a redeye flight after attending the Video Music Awards and got right to work meeting girls and their families – now that’s dedication. She was so inspired that she wrote the song “Girl Up.” The music video contains footage from her experience in Guatemala, and was played at concerts during her summer tours. Victoria is a true super star for girls everywhere.

Wall of Supporters

- Companies That Care -

Electronic Recyclers International is the largest electronic waste recycler in the United States and can turn old phones and laptops into donations for Girl Up!

- Organizations Doing Great Work -

Girl Rising is a film and global action campaign that uses the power of storytelling and partnerships to deliver a simple truth: educate girls to change the world.

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