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From October 1 leading up to International Day of the Girl on October 11, join us and take action so that every girl, everywhere can reach her full potential. Because while we are strong, together we are stronger.

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Action of the Day
Day of the Girl: Advocate for Girls
49% of children are never registered at birth.

Lack of documentation often prevents a girl from going to school, denies her access to health and social services, and prevents her from getting a job later in life. Urge your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Girls Count Act of 2013 (trust us, even though the government is shut down right now they still want to hear from you!)

Numbers Count. So do girls.


Two years ago, a 14-year-old Hosa arrived in Ethiopia with her mother, two sisters, and her brother and his four children. They left behind a life in Mogadishu, Somalia filled with mystery and tragedy: her father died in Somalia, and her younger sisters was killed there. No one knew what happened to her brother’s wife.

Hosa’s family had owned a small sweets business in Somalia, too. But during the civil war, Ethiopian soldiers came to buy things from the shop. The militant group Al-Shabaab discovered the family’s interaction with the foreign soldiers, and looted and threatened the family, who fled.

Hosa does not remember how they got to Ethiopia. But she does remember her schooling in Somalia, which she attended until seventh grade. Her education has become portal to a new world, to a new life. “If there is no education, there is no life,” Hosa said. “I need to use this chance to change myself.”

She began school again in Ethiopia. There, her family came to find peace, freedom and education.

And Hosa has begun to cultivate her own journey toward peace through education: One day, she hopes to become a lawyer. If Somalia finds peace, she desires to return to help rebuild and find justice.

In the meantime, Hosa wakes up every morning at 6 a.m. at the refugee camp to help make breakfast and do chores. At 7 a.m., she wakes her mother, who herself attends adult literacy classes and believes in the power of education.

After waking her mother, Hosa treks to school. It is a long walk, but she knows it is worth the distance. School will help her go far in life, farther than she had ever imagined.

Girl Up Champion

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai has taken a stand for the 57 million children who are denied the right to an education. In 2012, she was shot on her way to school in Pakistan. As she’s recovered, the momentum behind her has grown.  On her 16th birthday in July, Malala addressed a special Youth Assembly at the United Nations: “”I raise up my voice – not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.” She knows that more than her voice is necessary to bringing education to all: “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.


Wall of Supporters

- Companies That Care -

Caterpillar Inc. enables the economic growth of our world through infrastructure and energy development to provide solutions that support communities and protect the planet. By focusing on breaking the cycle of poverty through investments in girls and women worldwide, the foundation makes sustainable progress possible.

- Organizations Doing Great Work -

UNICEF, the lead UN agency for International Day of the Girl, works for children's rights and their survival, development and protection around the world. This IDG the UN is leading the charge on Innovation for Girls’ Education.

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