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11 Different Actions.

From October 1 leading up to International Day of the Girl on October 11, join us and take action so that every girl, everywhere can reach her full potential. Because while we are strong, together we are stronger.

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Action of the Day
Day 5: Meet Suma
Watch and share the Girl Rising chapter below to see how Suma used education to transform her life.

Psst: There’s some great behind-the-scenes footage at the end!

Fifteen-year-old Catherine from Malawi is extraordinary.

Catherine was born with short arms and fewer than 10 fingers. Because of her disability, Catherine was ostracized by her family and her community. They called her names; they called her a witch.

At the age of 7, Catherine was enrolled in primary school. She drowned out the laughs and cruel jokes from the school administrators and her fellow students, instead choosing to focus on excelling in her studies – oftentimes outperforming her classmates.

But her education was derailed when, at the age of thirteen, she was awoken in the middle of the night by her uncle. He raped her, and he threatened to kill her if she ever disclosed what happened. Three months later Catherine discovered she was pregnant and HIV positive.

Catherine’s family accused and blamed her for what happened. “It’s your fault,” they said, refusing to report the incident.

We met Catherine through a program we support called AGALI. This Girl Up-supported program trains youth on various issues including advocacy, sexual reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, HIV infection and AIDS, and life and vocational skills.

With support from AGALI and Girl Up, Catherine is back in school – proudly in the 7th grade! – and her grandmother has agreed to take care of her baby while she is in school. Catherine says she is determined to continue her education and achieve her dream of being an architect or agricultural specialist.

Today, we celebrate Catherine and her bravery, her strength and, above all, her dreams.

Girl Up Champion

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra just joined Girl Up as its newest Champion. The triple threat pageant queen (a.k.a. the 2000 Miss World), Bollywood actress and pop singer lent her voice for one of the stories in Girl Rising. “I come from a country where girls are not treated fairly – many girls are kept out of school, get married at a young age, and don’t have access to health services,” said Priyanka.  “I firmly believe that every girl, no matter where she is born, should grow up safe, healthy and empowered. Every girl should have the opportunity to reach her full potential.”


Wall of Supporters

- Companies That Care -

Intel is a world leader in computing innovation and believes all girls should have access to education. They show their support through initiatives like Girl Rising and the Girl Up Ideation Camp.

- Organizations Doing Great Work -

The Day of the Girl Summit brings girls and girl-serving organizations together to build global enthusiasm for the International Day of the Girl and to advance the movement for
girls' human rights.

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