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From October 1 leading up to International Day of the Girl on October 11, join us and take action so that every girl, everywhere can reach her full potential. Because while we are strong, together we are stronger.

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Day 7: Rock Your Pride
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Vilma is an active member of her community the Western Highlands of Guatemala. But that wasn’t always the case.

Her parents were alcoholics – they seemed to care more about their next drink than her wellbeing. She didn’t have a strong support system, wasn’t going to school regularly, and didn’t think know what the future would bring.

She knew her life was headed in a bad direction.

Unfortunately, Vilma’s situation isn’t unique. Guatemala is still experiencing the impact of a 36-year civil conflict, which destroyed support systems and led to increased discrimination against indigenous groups such as the Mayans. Young girls are raised to do all the chores in the household, so they continue this pattern as they reach adulthood and teach the same to their daughters and sons.

Adolescent girls don’t get to be children – they go right into adulthood.

One day a friend told Vilma about the Guatemalan Parliament for Childhood and Adolescence, a program supported by Girl Up. Established in 2003 to ensure the rights of children to participate in decisions that affect their life, the organization is a space for all children and adolescents of any ethnicity to participate and share their ideas, experiences, cultures, knowledge, reality, and problems. What’s more, they can propose solutions.

Vilma signed right up. She loves having the opportunity for her voice to be heard.

During one meeting, Vilma drew a picture of a girl who is blindfolded. She said that was how she felt before entering the program. But after learning to read and getting information about her rights, Vilma felt as if the blindfold has been removed. Now, she understands the power she has as an active member of the community.

And she’s ready to take on the world.

Girl Up Champion

Rebecca Soni

As a Girl Up Champion, six-time Olympic medalist Rebecca Soni went from shattering world swimming records to inspiring youth to advocate for girls around the world. “Where you are born should not dictate how big you can dream.” In April 2013, Rebecca traveled with Girl Up to Guatemala to meet the girls in Girl Up supported programs. When Rebecca is not in the pool being cheered on by Girl Up, she is rooting for girls around the world.



Wall of Supporters

- Companies That Care -

Charles Schwab encourages its employees to volunteer and to have a positive impact in their communities. The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation believes everyone deserves to lead a happy and productive life.

- Organizations Doing Great Work -

Full Package Athletics is a basketball league for youth and in Chicago this year teams are committed to raising $30,000 for girls in Malawi and around the world.

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